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Launch your business website (using Squarespace) in 30 days or less.

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Are you stalling on launching your business because you don't have your website built yet?

Do you find yourself continually pushing off building your website, even though you know you need to launch (like yesterday)?

I've seen too many people procrastinate on their dreams, on their building their business simply because they don't know where to start when it comes to building their website. Not to mention, the entire process can be a little overwhelming and leaving them clueless as to where to being building it. They get stuck and never take meaningful action.
That ends now.

Emily Hamel, Founder of Optimal Organization

"I knew I wanted to switch over to Squarespace but didn't know what it all entailed. I made a list myself and it took longer than I thought. The steps I laid out weren't super clear. When Amanda offered Website Your Way, I immediately jumped on it! Her process for it breaks it down step by step and cuts the learning curve time in half. And it lays out everything you need to know down to behind the scenes to making it look pretty. So educational. In 30 days I switched my website from a different provider, to being LIVE!" 

In this course, you will learn:

  • A step-by-step plan to plan, build and launch your Squarespace website in 30 days (or less)
  • How to determine what type of website you want to create
  • How to effectively capture new leads with your website
  • How to select your brand colors 
  • How to create your business logo 
  • How to select your website template (without the overwhelm)
  • Your three most important webpages (and how to create them)
  • The key ingredients to a website that gets visitors to take action.
  • Crash course in Squarespace
  • How to install your domain with Squarespace
  • How to connect your social accounts (and more) to Squarespace
  • And more!

What's included?

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Core Content
87.2 KB
Welcome! Watch me first!
7 mins
Calendar Blocking - Step 1
7 mins
Calendar Blocking - Step 2
7 mins
Video Speed Controller
2 mins
Visual Calendar for September
73.7 KB
Module 1 - Guide
6 mins
Module 1 Guide - PRINT
294 KB
The Strategy of a Website that Converts (and what is a CTA_).mp4
14 mins
The 5 Key Ingredients Your Website Needs in Order to Work.mp4
7 mins
Your 3 Most Important Pages to Build First on Your Website and Why
5 mins
How to Craft an About Me page That Gets Visitors to Fall in Love with You
8 mins
Start with The Money Maker Page (Sales page)
16 mins
What to Include in Your Landing Page
7 mins
How to Intentionally Chose Your Squarespace Template without the Overwhelm
4 mins
Video Tutorial: Choosing Your Squarespace Template
7 mins
How to create a simple and easy logo using Canva
5 mins
Where to Find Stock Photos for Your Website
4 mins
How to Create and Select Your Fonts and Color Palette for Your Site
4 mins
How to Purchase Your Domain Using GoDaddy
4 mins
M2 Guide.pdf
109 KB
M3 Guide.pdf
101 KB
How to Connect GoDaddy and Your Squarespace Account
How to Set Up GSuite with Squarespace
Tour of Settings Inside Squarespace
9 mins
Tour of Design Inside Squarespace
8 mins
Tour of Marketing Inside Squarespace
4 mins
Tour of Analytics Inside Squarespace
4 mins
How to Create a Blog Post with Squarespace
6 mins
How to Create Your CTA with a Built-In Form
6 mins
How to Create Pages for Your Website
5 mins
A Mini Tour of BTS of She Did It Her Way Podcast Website
4 mins
How to Embed Your Convert Kit Form in Squarespace
2 mins
How to Create a Sequence in ConvertKit
5 mins
M4 Guide.pdf
100 KB
5 tips on How to Improve SEO on Your Squarespace Site
37 mins
Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions
3 mins
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How long do I have access to the content?

When you purchase you will have lifetime access to the course. The course is hosted on Podia. 

Are there refunds?

Due to the nature of this course and receiving instant access upon payment, there are no refunds.