Ultimate Leap Suite Academy by Amanda Boleyn
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Ultimate Leap Suite Academy

A 90 Day Fool Proof Coaching Program to help you go from corporate cubicle to sold out services using the skill set you already have. (Limited spots available + Enrollment Closes June 27th).
Enrollment is closed

Hey there!

What is Ultimate Leap Suite Academy?

Ultimate Leap Suite Academy is a 90 day (12-week coaching program) designed to help you launch your service based business so that you can make your ultimate leap (aka quit your job!) and become your own boss. 

Instead of a stand-alone course, ULSA (Ultimate Leap Suite Academy) is a blend of weekly, live, hands-on coaching paired with lessons and guest experts. 

It is a compilation all of 4+ years worth of coaching programs, online courses and 300+ podcast episodes all funneled into one signature coaching program. 


"I turned in my resignation. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit scared but it’s very magical how things are lining up and I’m feeling like the universe was just waiting for me to take the leap.  I’m happy I did and I’m grateful for the support of my family and the guidance Amanda shared through her coaching program, it really helped me prepare for this big step and new chapter. I’ve applied quite a bit of what I’ve learned from you from setting up Asana, hiring in a small team to nailing down my rates/packages and creating creative proposals. "
Anna Alvarado

Who is Ultimate Leap Suite Academy for?

Ultimate Leap Suite Academy is for the ambitious, freedom lovin', driven, go-getter gal, who is reading this while working a 9-5. She knows she was made for more and there is a whisper inside of her that says, "You can do this. You are worthy. You've got this! Your dreams are worth it." 

But then limiting beliefs and thoughts about what others would think if she actually made the leap creep in...

  • "What will my resume say?"
  • "What if I try and fail and it doesn't work?"
  • "What will people think of me?"
  • "I don't even know where to start?"
  • "Sure, other people can be their own boss, but I'm not that special."

My friend, if you are reading this and resonated with what I just shared, then you must join me inside the Ultimate Leap Suite Academy. 

In this 90 day coaching program I'm going to show you the exact steps to take to go from corporate cubicle to sold out services. 

Keep reading!


  • Imagine being able to do what you do at your full-time job now, but do it for other business, on your own terms as your own boss. 
  • Imagine being able to design your morning routine any way that serves you best, and ACTUALLY have time for it. 
  • Imagine, no longer having to rush out the door to work feeling overwhelmed by it all and instead, take yourself to a local coffee shop and work with your favorite drink in hand and sitting in absolute abundance. 
  • Imagine working less hours and making more money. 

You might be reading this and thinking, "Amanda, I want to believe you. But is it really possible? Can I really do this?"

And the answer is, YES!

I worked in corporate for two years before I made my ultimate leap. I went from working in HR making just over $40,000/year to tripling my income, working less hours, traveling the globe. Not to mention, loving what I was doing.

It is possible.

I created this course because when I made my ultimate leap I made plenty of mistakes, mistakes I don't want you to make. And have learned so much since then.

If you're at all interested, I encourage you to keep reading...

What you get upon joining Ultimate Leap Suite Academy?

Aside from learning the exact steps to take to go from your corporate cubicle to sold out services...
  • 👩🏼‍💼Access to a coach (aka me) throughout the entire 90 days of the program. You also get access to all the tools, knowledge and expertise that I've acquired over the past 4 years. Imagine being able to ask any and all questions and get answers directly. I'll show you exactly how to make your investment back in only 5 weeks. 
  • 📝 An in-depth workbook that includes the curriculum for the 90 days, HW that is due, lessons to watch and more. I provide you the detailed plan, all you have to do is take action and execute. 
  • 🙌🏻 Massive accountability. Someone from my team will be following up, making sure you complete each assignment and on time. We don't want you to fall behind and we don't want this to be another coaching program that collects dust on your virtual shelf. We're committed to helping you get real results. 
  • 💻 12 weekly group coaching calls, answering any and all questions you have about what you're currently working on. Imagine jumping on a call and getting hands on assistance on how to build YOUR service based business strategy, marketing, systems, legal, you name it! 
  • 🗣Private Facebook Group where all group coaching calls will be kept. Plus, here you'll find your accountability partner that you'll have throughout the entire 90 days of the program!
  • 👯‍♀️A tight knit community of other amazing, powerhouse female entrepreneurs supporting one another.


"Amanda helped me move from not knowing where to start with my business to confidently check things off the list and building the foundation of my business. There's so much information out there but, Amanda breaks it all down in a logical, doable order and then supports you while you create a business you love! I unexpectedly left my full-time job and because of this program, I was ready for my business to actually pay me. I've met my income goals the past 2 months in a row and I'm on track to double my income in less than 6 months!"
Abigail Schippers

Take a Look at Your Program Outline...

There are 12 weeks in the program. Each week has a one hour group coaching call that takes place via Zoom (also live streamed directly into the Facebook group for later viewing in case you can't make it real-time)

Every week, unless it is an implementation week, has corresponding lessons that you'll receive access to at the start of that specific week. For example, on Monday, August 19th, you'll receive access to only those lessons. Content will be dripped over time to help avoid overwhelm.

On average, each week you'll want to carve out 2-4 hours to complete lessons (which I'll show you how to do this in week one), attend the live group coaching and implementation. I've also built in implementation weeks as buffers to allow for catch up :)

You'll have lifetime access to all the lessons (via Podia dashboard).

Before the program begins, you'll receive a workbook that will include the course curriculum, important dates including coaching call times, and when certain assignments are due.

Week 1 - Monday, August 5th:
  • Group Coaching Call - Wednesday, August 7th, 7pm CST
  • Calendar Planning - Here we'll plan your next 90 days, get clear on how many hours a week you can devote to building your business while working full-time, set your 90 day catalyst goal and create your ultimate habit tracker.

Week 2 - Monday, August 12th:
  • Group Coaching Call - Wednesday, August 14th, 7pm CST
  • Define Your Services - Clearly define your 2-4 service offerings, including the feature-advantage-benefit so that your potential clients know exactly how you add value and more likely to hire you. 

Week 3 - Monday, August 19th:
  • Group Coaching Call - Wednesday, August 21st, 7pm CST
  • Money: Know your numbers before you make the ultimate leap (including risk assessment), learn how to price your services for profit, the 4 different pricing strategies, Profit First Method and how to organize your credit cards. 

Week 4 - Monday, August 26th:
  • Group Coaching Call - Wednesday, August 28th, 7pm CST
  • Branding: Chose your name, create your logo (including a Canva tutorial), and select your branding colors.

Week 5 - Monday, September 2nd:
  • Group Coaching Call - Wednesday, September 4th, 7pm CST
  • Marketing: Determine your ICA (ideal customer avatar), Create your prospective client list (based on your services (email template provided), leverage Facebook for opportunities.

Week 6 - Monday, September 9th:
  • Group Coaching Call - Wednesday, September 11th, 7pm CST
  • Catch up / Implementation Week

Week 7 - Monday, September 16th:
  • Group Coaching Call - Wednesday, September 18th 7pm CST
  • Create Your Simple (and easy) website: From web domain, installing templates to 3 main pages (about me, landing and sales page) and a "Work with Me" button.

Week 8 - Monday, September 23rd:
  • Group Coaching Call - Wednesday, September 25th, 7pm CST
  • Catch up / Implementation Week

Week 9 - Monday, September 30th:
  • Group Coaching Call - Wednesday, October 2nd, 7pm CST
  • Online Marketing - Creating an Irresistible Freebie, On-boarding sequence and putting all pieces together.

Week 10 - Monday, October 7th:
  • Group Coaching Call - Wednesday, October 9th, 7pm CST
  • Legal Guest Expert: When to incorporate, different type of entities, different type of insurances, what contracts do you need, and more. 

Week 11 - Monday, October 14th:
  • Group Coaching Call - Wednesday, October 16th, 7pm CST
  • Accounting Guest Expert: How to pay taxes, which taxes to pay, what can you deduct as an expense. Google template provided :) 

Week 12 - Monday, October 21st:
  • Group Coaching Call - Wednesday, October 23rd, 7pm CST
  • Graduation + Next Steps!

Meet Your Coach, Amanda Boleyn

Hi! I'm Amanda Boleyn, founder of She Did It Her Way - podcaster, online business owner and coach. After spending a short few years in Corporate America, I decided to make my ultimate leap. That was 7 years ago. Today I teach aspiring female entrepreneurs how to go from confusion to clarity when starting an their service based business. I help women take what they're already good at (their skill set) and build a business they love.


What happens when I buy?

You'll receive a welcome email from me :) Leading up to the program you'll receive additional information from me about the private Facebook Group, workbooks, homework and more!

If I can't make the calls live, can I still submit questions?

Absolutely! There will certainly be a way to make sure your questions get asked during the call times even if you can't attend live. All calls will be streamed into the private Facebook Group via Zoom, so you'll be able to access the call for the duration of the program. All calls will be organized within the Facebook Group itself to make it easily accessible. 

Do I need to be on Facebook in order participate in ULSA?

While you don't have to be on Facebook in order to join, it is highly encouraged from the community and accountability standpoint. You can still catch the calls via Zoom and the recordings can be saved via Dropbox if needed. 

How is this coaching program different?

This coaching program is a hybrid of coaching with course content as supplemental material. During the 12 weeks I'll be reviewing your work that gets posted in the Facebook group to provide feedback and areas for improvement. 

Can I really create a business using my very own skill set?

1000%, yes! I promise you. It is a lot easier than you think and will take less time than you think. I'll show you the how. 

If I have additional questions about the program, who can I contact?

Absolutely. You can email us at hello (at sign) shediditherway (dot) com. 

How long will each week take (I'm kind of busy!)

Girl, I get you! Each week you can expect on average to spend anywhere from 2-4 hours on Ultimate Leap Suite Academy (group coaching call + lessons + implementation). I've also built in catch up weeks throughout the program as well. :)