The Basics of Building a Business by Amanda Boleyn
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The Basics of Building a Business

Learn How to Lay the Foundation for Your Business by Watching these 8 Videos
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If you’ve ever wanted to start your own business but aren’t sure where to start or feel alone, afraid and overwhelmed…


Maybe you've recently launched your business (whether it’s a side hustle or you took THE LEAP) but are still uncertain if you’re doing all the right things to make it sustainable in the long run

The She Did It Her Way 2017 Summit was all about laying the foundation for building your business. 

You'll be able to access content and speakers that walk you through how to...
  • Organize your accounting as a business owner
  • Understand how to scale your business with systems
  • Define and know your business sweet spot so you can align yourself in everything that you do
  • Price your products and services with profits in mind
  • How to earn your first customer
  • How to build marketing from the ground up
  • Understand mindset shifts
  • Lastly, know how to financially prepare as a business owner when it comes to health insurance, retirement and other financial vehicles

What's included?

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SDH Summit Handout.pdf
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Define Your Sweet Spot and Create a Fail Proof Business with Shauna VanBogart
1.77 MB
Marketing from the Ground Up with Katie Lord
1.57 MB
Learn How to Get Your First Clients with Maria Bayer
1.57 MB
Learn How to Create Systems that Scale with Megan Minns
1.35 MB
Learn How to Price for Profits with Tess Wicks
1.12 MB
Learn How to Organize Your Accounting with Helena Swyter
954 KB
Learn How to Be Financially Fit as a Business Owner with Sara Samuels
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Working Through Mindset Shifts with Amanda Boleyn
1.04 MB

About Your Host, Amanda Boleyn

Amanda Boleyn is the founder and host of She Did It Her Way, a Forbes, Inc, and top-rated podcast and resource for female entrepreneurs who are looking to create location independent businesses that allow them the freedom to create from anywhere, design their schedules in a way that supports them and pursue what lights them up.