Podcast Your Way by Amanda Boleyn

Podcast Your Way

Learn how to plan, record, produce, publish and scale your podcast in less than 30 days.

Take a peek inside the Podcast Your Way course...

In this 5 module course, I’m breaking down from start to finish how to effortless (and easily) plan, launch and publish your podcast in 30 days or less.

So whether you’ve been thinking about launching your podcast for weeks or you’re ready and now is the time to launch, you’re in the right place. 

Since January 2015, I’ve launched over 300 podcast episodes, have been mentioned in Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur and others as a top-rated podcast and have learned how to cut my production time in half and outsource 80% of what it takes to run a podcast to a virtual assistant (one that doesn’t cost me an arm or a leg either!). 

But I’ve also made my fair share of mistakes. Ones that you certainly do not need to make yourself. 

I’m sharing it all with you in my “Podcast Your Way”

Meg McKeen, Founder of Adjunct Advisors

"There is 100%, without a doubt, no way I could've executed on this without the Podcast Your Way course. Thank you for making the course available and accessible and approachable, as is the case with all of your offerings."

In this course, you will learn:

  • The strategy behind how the podcast fits into your overall business.
  • How to create your artwork for your podcast.
  • Create a content calendar and learn how to brainstorm topics for your podcast show.
  • Learn what type of equipment you need.
  • How to create intros and outros for your podcast.
  • How to plan and record solo shows.
  • How to plan, schedule, and produce guest interviews.
  • How to be a great interviewer.
  • How to produce your final audio
  • How to write shownotes
  • How to create episode graphics
  • How to set up your podcast hosting site
  • How to submit your podcast to major outlets like iTunes, Spotify and more.
  • How to create your blog post/show notes in Squarespace
  • How to grow your podcast.
  • How to get on other shows.
  • How to monetize your podcast.
  • How to organize your workflow.
  • And more!

What's included?

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Welcome! Watch me first!
4 mins
30 Day Launch Guide.pdf
162 KB
Podcast Your Way Course Workbook.pdf
767 KB
Module 1: Plan
The Strategy of Podcasting & Your Business
5 mins
How to Lay the Foundation of Your Podcast
4 mins
How to Identify Your Ideal Avatars
3 mins
How to Write Your Podcast Description
2 mins
How to Create Your Podcast Logo
4 mins
Tech You Need for to Launch Your Podcast
5 mins
How to Create a Content Calendar Using Google Sheets
5 mins
How to Create and Plan Your Content
16 mins
Module 2: Record
How to Install Audacity ®
2 mins
How to Select Your Music & Write Your Intros and Outros
6 mins
How to Create Your Intros and Outro Audio Files
7 mins
An Overview of the Guest Process
4 mins
The Guest Submission Process
8 mins
How to Schedule a Guest Interview
13 mins
An Overview of the Solocast Process
1 min
What You Must Know About Being A Host
11 mins
Module 3: Produce
How to Produce Your Final MP3 Audio File
6 mins
How to Create Your Podcast Graphics & Templates
8 mins
How to Write Titles and Show Notes
4 mins
SEO Made Simple with Megan Clarke
51 mins
Module 4: Publish
How to Create a Podcast Post in Squarespace
7 mins
How to Set Up Simplecast
9 mins
A Quick Tour of My Simplecast
1 min
iTunes Explained
7 mins
Social Media
2 mins
Module 5: Scale & Monetize
3 Simple (and easy) Ways to Grow Your Podcast
11 mins
How to Organize Your Podcast Process with Asana
5 mins
How to Monetize Your Podcast
13 mins
A Final Note!
2 Minute Feedback + Survey Form


How long do I have access to the content?

When you purchase you will have lifetime access to the course. The course is hosted on Podia. 

Are there refunds?

Due to the nature of this course and receiving instant access upon payment, there are no refunds.